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cristian deseta design

Modern Design for Miami FL - Making your home everything you ever dreamed it could be.

Cristian began re-imagining design in 2004, turning distressed homes in Los Angeles into showpiece properties. It was addictive. Soon he began to hone his skills, becoming a licensed builder and leading teams in both LA and outside Philly.
Familiar in several different styles of construction and design, Cristian DeSeta has settled in the South Florida market adding a fresh take to Contemporary design and developing sustainable homes that everyone can appreciate.
With ten years of experience and applied success, Cristian is excited to take on homes that have been ignored or neglected, and turn them into properties that are shining examples of their respective communities.
Now firmly expanding into the commercial space, Cristian DeSeta brings fresh but familiar designs, incorporating features that are unexpected and energizing and creating spaces that inspire the occupant to re-consider what they thought their surroundings could actually be.

Services include:


  • Architectural Design Consultation

  • Remodeling and Rennovation Consultation

  • Project Oversight Services

  • Interior Design Consultation

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