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Making a small change can have dramatic results.

Sometimes, subtle changes can result in dramatic and effective shifts in how your room feels. Adding color or a texture to a wall in a room can go a long way in defining that room's personality.

One way I like to address these kind of "feature" walls is to clad a wall in a room with wood flooring. It's a quick and fairly inexpensive shift that creates a dramatic change in the feel of a room, especially when done behind a bed.

In this example, I used a wide-plank engineered wood floor against the back wall of the master bedroom. This actually creates the illusion of size and depth that would not exist without the feature. It also brings in a warmth to the room making it feel more organic and cozy. Add the white bedding and the look becomes inviting and reminiscent of a beach house while still keeping the clean modern look we love.

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